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Lakemont Village Veterinary Hospital

4935 Lakemont Blvd. SE
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Dental Cleaning

Routine dentistry is very important to your pet because oral disease and infection affects more than just the mouth. Bacteria from oral infections enter the blood stream and can attack the heart, liver, and kidneys, leading to premature failing of these organs. In addition, oral health can affect animals that suffer from arthritis by increasing the joint pain that they already feel. We have seen many cases where dogs on pain medication for arthritis were helped as much or more from proper treatment of the mouth as they were helped with drugs for arthritis. Routine dentistry increases both the quality and quantity of life.

To clean your pets teeth, we need to use anesthesia. It is impossible to properly clean an animals teeth without anesthesia no matter how docile your pet is. Before anesthesia, we always test blood chemistry. During anesthesia, all animals are monitored with modern equipment to check breathing, pulse, and blood pressure. We give all patients the same level of care as we would give our own pets.

Proper dental cleaning is extremely important. Because of this, a veterinarian will be cleaning your pets' teeth.